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There are a couple of things that we would like you to know:

Firstly, Cookies. A Cookie is a small piece of code (a small text file) that web sites send to your computer. Most Cookies are harmless. This site uses Cookies as part of the ordering process, to store your name, address and so forth on your computer while you enter your order details. Your computer needs to be able to accept Cookies for you to be able to order. Your information is safe, secure, and Lush Life Music do not use the information that you give for any purpose other than to process your order.

If you leave this site mid-way through doing an order, so that you have items in your Basket but have not yet been to the Checkout, when you return to the site your Shopping Basket may still have items in it!

Secondly, your personal information (address / email address) is never sent to anybody else. We do not share any addresses, email addresses or any personal information with any third party. So, if you send us an email, or place an order please be assured that you can do it in complete confidence.

If you have any questions regarding this please just contact us. Thank you.

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