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The arrangements are graded as Easy, Medium and Advanced, or a combination of these. The general rules are as follows, though please remember that they are a very rough guideline. Because a chart is rated easy doesn't mean that it is not interesting to play or listen to. Night & Day is easy, yet is great in performance. Three's A Crowd is challenging, but will not suit all tastes!

Easy: Straightforward instrumental and rhythmic passages. Brass ranges are not overly demanding. Lead Trumpet may reach a written top C, Lead Trombone a top A or Bb. The instrument voicings are designed to sound rich and full. Solos tend to be written out.

Medium: Suitable for competent College, amateur and semi-pro bands. Brass ranges tend to be higher, with lead Trumpet parts reaching top D or Eb, and Lead trombone parts top B,C or C#. Solos are usually ad lib from given chords. Tempos may be faster, and good sectional techniques are required.

Advanced: Playable by experienced musicians, probably in a good semi-pro or pro band. Some arrangements may be graded here because of particular demands on only one or two players in the band, whilst the rest of the band may have easy or medium parts.

If in any doubt about an arrangement, please send us an email and we will offer our advice.

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