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What do I get when I buy a Lush Life chart?
: You will receive a pack containing 17 band parts - 5 saxes - 4 trumpets -4 trombones and 4 rhythm (PBGD), plus the vocal part(s), and a full score of the arrangement.

Piano parts: Usually double stave (occasionally single) comprising bass line on the left hand and chord symbols in the right. They are not like the piano parts from the older Dance Band style of arrangements. Where required by the arrangement, fully written out passages are included.

Bass parts: A mix of written notes and chord symbols. Easy grades tend to be fully written out. Advanced arrangements will have a mix of both.

Guitar parts: Chord symbols and rhythmic patterns.

Drum parts: Fully written only where required. Generally a guide to the drummer rather than an instruction. Band rhythms are notated, usually on the top line.

Instructions: All dynamics are clearly marked, as are articulations and rehearsal letters. Measure (Bar) numbers are usually indicated.

Media: All parts are printed on 100g paper, A3 or A4, and every arrangement comes with a full score included. Occasionally we include an extra instrument part in addition to the vocal part, making a vocal playable as an instrumental.

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