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We are often asked if we sell our arrangements in other currencies, and how much it would be.The good news is that when you place an order on this site, and pay by credit / debit card, your card provider will convert Pounds Sterling into your own currency automatically using their exchange rate at the time, and usually at no charge. You will see the transaction on your statement in your local currency.

If you are ordering from outside of the UK please remember to check with your card provider that your card is able to be used for international transactions, otherwise we will not be able to process your payment and ship your order. A quick call to them is all it takes. Thank you.

Also, if you click on the 'Price' of any chart (you'll see that all of the prices are underlined, indicating a weblink), a little pop-up box will appear which contains a currency converter. Simply click on the little blue arrow to select 'GBP' as the 'from' currency, and then your own currencty (for example 'USD' for US Dollars, EUR as Euros) as the 'to' currency, and enter the amount, say 25 in the 'amt' box, and click go. You will then see the converted amount displayed. Please note that this is NOT a guarantee of the exact rate that will be used for your order, because it will be your card company that will do the conversion using their own rate on the day that your charts are charged to your card.

For more information on how to pay please see our How to Order page. If you have a special requirement please just contact us and ask, and we will do our best to help.

If in any doubt about pricing, please email our order office and we will offer our advice.

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